November 2017 Alumni Buzz

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Omar Sultan Haque

2004 Graduate Scholar, Harvard University

Omar recently mentored 2011 Undergraduate Transfer Scholar Christopher Wilbur (Brown University) as a research intern, helping Chris to solidify his career path.  Omar is a psychiatrist and social scientist at Harvard University where he studies questions at the intersection of global health, anthropology, social psychology, bioethics, and religion. He is giving a talk this month commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Doctors’ Trial and the Publication of the Nuremberg Code.  Omar has published prolifically and his ideas have been featured in the Atlantic Monthly, NPR, Psychology Today, and numerous media venues.

Mandolyn “Mystic” Ludlum

2013 Undergraduate Transfer Scholar, University of California, Berkeley

Mandolyn is currently serving as the Bay Area Leadership Coordinator for the Hip Hop Caucus. HHC aims to strengthen social, economic, and environmental movements by empowering communities who are impacted first and worst by injustice. Mandolyn’s work with HHC ranges from advocating to California State Legislatures to assessing community programs, to being present in partnerships between the HHC and other community organizations that focus on youth empowerment, education, and health information. She recently participated in a panel hosted by Climate One to talk about climate change and civil rights. You can see the recording here:

 Alice Burla

Young Scholar, 2013 College Scholar, Musik Akademie Basel

 Alice and her piano duo partner were chosen to premier a performance of her own piano arrangement in Barcelona's prestigious musical hall, the Palau de la Musica Catalana. Alice and her partner were featured on Catalunyan Radio in October as a lead up to the concert. She also recently performed in Academia Marshall, which is a school founded by the famous Spanish composer Enrique Granados.  The New York Times has described Alice as “an extraordinary talent.”

 Jordan Sand

2006 Graduate Scholar, University of Washington

 Jordan recently returned to Washington to become the Director of the Spokane Center for Facial Plastic Surgery. He is both fellowship-trained in facial plastic surgery and board-certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology. He was awarded the 2017 Jack R. Anderson Prize for Scholastic Excellence—an award for the U.S. or Canadian surgeon who achieves the highest combined score on the written and oral portions of the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery examination. Jordan participates in multiple humanitarian activities serving refugees, cancer survivors and the homeless community. Most recently, he joined in a cleft and craniofacial trip to Nicaragua where he helped perform dozens of reconstructive surgeries for patients with minimal healthcare access.

 Roland Lamb

2008 Graduate Scholar, Royal College of Art

Roland is the founder and CEO of Roli, a London-based startup that makes a new style of keyboard, along with other modular music creation instruments and tools that work by touch and sound. To date, Roland has raised nearly $50 million for Roli. Since launching his first keyboard four years ago, Roland and his team have continued to create new keyboards, sound pads, and apps to let musicians be more expressive. Last month Roli announced that Pharrell Williams, the musician and investor, had joined the company as chief creative officer. Clap along with Pharrell’s song Happy played on a Roli keyboard here:

 Nikia Clarke

2006 Graduate Scholar, University of Oxford

Nikia is the vice president for economic development and executive director at the San Diego World Trade Center. WTC San Diego leads efforts to promote regional competitiveness through foreign direct investment and international trade. Nikia is also the founder and former Director of the Oxford University China Africa Network (OUCAN), an international organization that brings together senior policy makers, industry leaders, and researchers to identify and analyze emerging global investment and development trends. She provides regular analysis on trade and investment policy for a number of international consultancies and trade publications.

 David Ellis

Young Scholar, 2011 College Scholar, Villanova University

David and his R & D team at Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems are modernizing products by applying microchip processes and using 3D printed prototypes for refining assembly plan and test plans. In addition to his work as lead mechanical engineer, David founded Make the Move Sports, an organization that enables local, young bicycle racers to compete at the highest level of amateur sports, some of who go on to the professional ranks, and to support cycling in all forms in the community of Los Angeles’ South Bay. For the 2017-2018 athletic year, Make the Move Sports raised approximately $30,000 to fund the HistoryNet Cycling Team. You can learn more about David and his team of seven riders at

 Dan Nechita

2006 Undergraduate Transfer Scholar, Columbia University

2010 Graduate Scholar, George Washington University

Dan is the president of Smart Everything Everywhere (SEE), a catalyst for Romania’s digital transformation. SEE provides a framework for accelerating Romania’s transition into the digital age, leveraging the country’s untapped digital potential – enabling it to grow, scale and become a global innovation hub by focusing on three pillars of the digital future: industry 4.0, smart cities and citizens, and the digital state. Under Dan’s leadership, SEE just hosted their second annual Digital International Forum, bringing together European industry and government leaders to discuss digital innovation applications. 

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