October 2017 Alumni Buzz

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Joscelyn Garcia

2012 College Scholar, Tufts University

Upon completing her Fulbright assignment in Taiwan, Joscelyn became a Princeton in Latin America Fellow. She moved to Lima, Peru to take on the position of Program Director at Building Dignity (http://www.buildingdignity.org/).  This is the organization co-founded by 2009 Graduate Scholar Emily Hedin (University of Oxford).  At Building Dignity, Joscelyn works with and for the community, focusing on educational, leadership and development programs.

Projesh Banerjea

2009 Graduate Scholar, London School of Economics and Political Science

Projesh has been working on infrastructure investing in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates for the past five years through ADIA, the main sovereign wealth fund. He will complete his executive MBA program at Said Business School at the University of Oxford this spring 2018. In addition, Projesh will launch his first young adult fiction novel in the next few months.

Bronwyn Reed

2012 Graduate Arts Scholar, London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art

Bronwyn is making a foray into film with a feature she co-wrote and will begin shooting this November. Her film TRAMP explores the homelessness epidemic in her home city of Los Angeles. Since graduating from LAMDA, Bronwyn played the three-season recurring role of Lucy Huston on Law & Order: SVU, and starred as Baby in the Broadway National tour of Dirty Dancing. Visit https://www.bronwynreed.com/ for more on Bronwyn’s work.

Noah Ready-Campbell

2006 College Scholar, University of Pennsylvania

Noah recently founded and is the CEO of start-up Build Robotics, a Bay Area company designing and building self-driving heavy equipment to make construction safer, faster and cheaper. Build Robotics just successfully fundraised $15M to begin hiring engineers and will have equipment working on residential construction products in 2018. You can see the Build Robotics Autonomous Track Loader in action here. You may recall that Noah sold his first business Twice, the online consignment shop to eBay in 2015.

Adam Alexander Hamilton

2008 College Scholar, University of Pennsylvania

This year, Adam joined the Writer's Guild of America.  He has been writing for TBS's Drop the Mic and recently filmed his stand-up comedy with Hulu's Coming to the Stage.  Adam earned a spot as a writer for the CBS's 2018 Sketch Comedy Showcase in January. During the month of October, Funny or Die (http://www.funnyordie.com/) will feature one of Adam’s sketches for Halloween. Check out more of his work on his website https://www.adamalexanderhamilton.com/.

Monique Madan

2012 Undergraduate Transfer Scholar, Emerson College

Hurricane Irma kept Monique quite busy in her role as Miami Herald reporter covering local and national breaking news. Before that, she covered local government for several municipalities. Monique is a bilingual, multi-platform journalist who has reported for the Boston Herald, Miami Herald, and El Nuevo Herald for the past three years. Prior to this, Monique wrote for The New York Times, The Boston Globe, and The Boston Herald. Monique is an alum of The New York Times Student Journalism Institute and National Association of Hispanic Journalists Projects.

Gregory Clark

2006 College Scholar, Calvin College

Greg recently moved to the San Francisco Bay Area to start his job at Google. He is a software engineer (SWE) working on Android Auto (a version of Android for "infotainment" systems in cars. Greg used his Cooke Scholar network to land this role, working a connection with fellow 2006 College Scholar Jason Joo (University of Pennsylvania). Jason works at Google as a technical solutions specialist. He is the lead frontend developer for the Compensation team, creating and maintaining various AppEngine apps that interface with Java backends and REST APIs.

Matylda Czarnecka

2002 Undergraduate Scholar, Syracuse University

2008 Graduate Scholar, New York University

Matylda helped several Cooke Scholars at her recent New York City workshop on how to overcome impostor syndrome (feeling like a fraud). She is a leadership coach working with seasoned professionals and new leaders and entrepreneurs who are ready to create a powerful legacy. In addition to one-on-one coaching, Matylda designs leadership training programs for companies and organizations seeking culture change, or to gain alignment and clarity on their vision, and empower their leadership teams to get there most quickly. To learn more about Matylda, visit her website http://www.matylda.me/

Ben Bingham

2009 Undergraduate Transfer Scholar, North Carolina State University

Ben turned his undergraduate internship experiences into a fulfilling professional role as a nuclear reactor engineer for the Tennessee Valley Authority in Decatur, Alabama. As an undergrad, Ben interned with TVA two summers in a row at different nuclear power plants. Now he performs reactivity control plan development, special nuclear material tracking, and operations support at Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant – one of his internship sites.

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