Cooke Scholar Alumni Association


Cooke Scholar Alumni Association


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Mission Overview

The Cooke Scholar Alumni Association aims to empower the Cooke Community through Professional Networking, Social Engagement, and Community Service. All Cooke Scholars who have completed a scholarship program with the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation are members of the association. Below are opportunities provided for Cooke Alumni to contribute to and benefit the Cooke Scholar community:

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The Cooke Alumni Association consists of chapters across the United States and the United Kingdom. Chapters are groups of Cooke Scholars and Alumni who gather together periodically throughout the academic year to network professionally, engage socially, and perform service. These events include Mr. Cooke's Birthday in October, Cooke Networking Event in January, and Graduation Party in April.

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There are countless ways to network with the Cooke Scholar community. Cooke Connect is the official networking website where you can connect with over 800 scholars and alumni. Want us to introduce you to an alum that shares similar interests to you? How about form a mentoring relationship with a Cooke Scholar or Alum in your field? We can help you with these! Don't forget to check out our social media groups and information on past and upcoming Cooke Alumni Summits.



Want to roll up your sleeves and get involved? Consider joining the Cooke Outreach Representative Program (CORP) to help discover the next generation of Cooke Scholars!

Have you accomplished something amazing in the recent past? Check out the Matthew J. Quinn Prize, a $10,000 award that is given annually to one or more current Cooke Scholars or Alumni recognizing outstanding achievement during the prior two years.