The Cooke Outreach Representative Program (CORP) provides Cooke Scholars and alumni the opportunity to engage with the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation’s efforts in outreach to potential applicants to the Cooke Foundation scholarship programs. Cooke Outreach Representatives will visit middle schools, high schools, community colleges, and other education entities (e.g. nonprofits, community based organizations) to present information to students and educators regarding the Cooke Foundation’s scholarship programs.

Over the course of the fall semester, Cooke Outreach Representatives will work with the Cooke Foundation to help discover the next generation of Cooke Scholars. The Cooke Foundation will provide Cooke Outreach Representatives:
- Cooke Foundation scholarship program PowerPoint presentations
- Outreach email templates to inform educators about the scholarship programs
- Engagement with Cooke Outreach Challenge activities (e.g. social media campaigns)
- Flyers about the scholarship programs 

The CORP is designed to accommodate to your academic and/or work schedule; therefore, the capacity of involvement is self-personalized. Each Cooke Outreach Representative will receive a CORP toolkit with program presentations and flyers and assistance with logistics and coordinating visits as needed.

To get involved, please fill out the sign up form below. After you have filled out the form, you will then receive the CORP Toolkit to help you conduct outreach. The CORP Toolkit is emailed every Friday. 


Sign Up to Help Discover the Next Generation of Cooke Scholars

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Provide the town/city and state (e.g. Boston, MA) you will frequent most for fall 2017. This information helps the CORP leadership team to assist Cooke Outreach Representatives with coordinating logistics for speaking engagements.
In order to join CORP, you must be a Cooke Scholar or alumnus/a.
Cooke Outreach Representatives are representing the Cooke Foundation while performing outreach as described in the duties above. It is important to carry oneself with the highest-level of professionalism and respect for others during engagement with others as a member of CORP. * *